דף הבית Become a partner

As our SMB operation is intended to be Self-service in nature, and due to its targeted customer's requirements, AttenIX™, in its "Fully loaded" configuration is to be "minimized" and "simplified". Since SMB's where one of our target markets from day one, this "down scale" process is fully supported within the architecture, and simply means turning functionality flags On or Off (one time process). The result is, that our large accounts (thousands and thousands of employees) and our many, many small accounts, share the same engine, while the functionality they use is "tailored" to their specific needs, using the above mentioned "functionality flags" – with no programming at all. Because we know our market and customers very intimately, we believe you know yours! Therefore, the final "polish" of the product – should be dictated to us – by you.

Our Strategy & Vision

As we want our system to be the solution of choice for SMB’s,our Go-To-Market strategy relays on building an international chain of business partners - like your good selves. Our Business Partners are expected to market & sell our solution as an integrated component of their Web-based solutions, Payroll system/service, Punch-clocks etc, while we bring to the table the system, and our extensive operational experience with it. In short – we will take care of all the “nasty work” – the operational aspects, enabling you to focus on what you do best – generate business

So what's next ?

Assuming you are hungry for new business ventures (at least as much as we are...), you are kindly invited to a brain storming session with our Biz-dev team. All you have to do is provide us with contact information and preferred date & time – and we’ll set a conference call (and online demo) to mutually explore the best co-operation model.